I am currently seeking representation for Fog Line, a Young Adult Mystery.

Four months ago, seventeen-year-old Malena killed her best friend. She doesn't remember the party, much less the accident-too much alcohol and a severe concussion. Under the weight of her guilt, Malena limps through her senior year with a simple strategy: bury her head in some manga, don't burden her mom (any more), escape high school and this crappy little town forever.

The plan lasts until she befriends Zoe, the new girl, who says the crash wasn't an accident. How would she know? But what if she's right? Hoping for redemption, Malena digs for the truth and unearths pot dealing football players, a corrupt sheriff, and her friend's booty phone. And Zoe always one step ahead. When more kids from the party start dying in 'accidents' and a van tries to run her over, Malena realizes someone is either removing the witnesses or punishing the guilty. If she hopes to save anyone, including herself, she must uncover what really happened that night.