I am currently seeking representation for Synthesis, a Young Adult Science Fiction novel.

When sixteen-year-old Emily Brayden lifts a girder to save a boy in a collapsing building, most call her a hero. Some whisper freak. Em just wants a normal life. Any chance for that is shot to hell when grim-faced government agents show up at the winter formal to arrest her. Holden, her date, fights them off, a blur of superhuman strength and speed, and carries her into the night. Her mind is blown but it only gets worse. Holden's house is burned to the ground, his parents are missing, and Em's mom is in custody.

Em's caught up in a world of danger and intrigue, a conflict between beings who've lived among humans for thousands of years. Running from legends out of history, not sure if she can trust the boy(friend), she has to stay free - stay alive - long enough to discover who she really is. Normal is not an option. Emily will have to be a hero once again, and this time it's her mom's life that's on the line.